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Anonymous: do you have any mentors/inspirators?

No mentors, but Katsuhiro Otomo is the best! 

dafortin: Dear Charles, I have a question in regards to working remotely and dealing with loneliness. I am currently working on my drawing skills in the hopes of becoming a 2d animator. I live in a city where the animation culture is absent and I recall that you live in a city that is not a hub for animation either. I was wondering the following: how do you manage to surround yourself with other animators? And how do you find working in 2d animation? Is it your only job? Thank you :)

Hmm, surrounded by animators? That’s kind of a stretch. It’s true though, I don’t live in or near a big city like LA or NYC.  For me, it was just natural to connect with other artists online because it was either that or nothing.  But I think if you limit yourself to a certain social area you’ll miss out on a lot of good shit. The animation community is smaller than you’d think. Seems like everyone gets to know each other eventually, so long as you’re open to it that is. Independent animation can be a very lonely practice, so i think we’re just naturally drawn to connecting with other people who believe it’s worth it. 

Yup, I’m a full time freelancer.  There are ups and downs, but over all it’s a positive I think.  Although to be completely honest, I can see myself craving stability more in the future and sometimes think about leaving freelance behind for an office job. Or maybe some kind of off the grid wild man that lives in a tree. 

Anonymous: Is your last name pronounced "hwet-ner" or "hoot-ner"?

like this “Hut-ner”.  the first e is silent.  the original german spelling was Hüttner.  But umlauts are illegal in the united states so they changed it.

shed the old skin

shed the old skin

Time for some spring cleaning!  Here is some old junk I started two years ago that I then abandoned because I had bigger things to do.

click here to watch it in HD on vimeo


Charles Huettner